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I remember you- Chapter 2

Wow 2 members already! *is excited* If anyone is interested in becoming a mod for this community then email me at funsalgal@yahoo.com. Okay now for chapter 2. Start postin' them stories! :)

Disclaimer: You know the drill :)

Christine silently cried, confused about everything. Why did her insides feel like they were ripped apart? Why did she feel dizzy?

Gathering all the strength she had left, Christine slowly got up. She took a deep breath, and set out on a road that wasn’t the least bit familiar to her.

After an hour of walking Christine’s legs were already sore. One more step and she would collapse and fall down exhausted on that very dirt road. It was hopeless. Where was she going, anyway? Christine felt like she was in a dream, a nightmare.

Out of breath, she staggered off the road and went to sit down on a patch of grass. Looking up at the forget-me-not blue sky, she was too lost in her own confused thoughts to realize what was going on around her. It took her a minute to realize an officer was standing beside her. Christine got up as quickly as she could, trying to avoid the sharp pains in her body.

“Are you lost, mademoiselle?” The officer asked Christine, helping her gain her balance.

Christine didn’t answer him. She stared at her feet instead, trying her best to remember if she was lost, or if she simply was wandering to nowhere in particular.

“Where am I?” She whispered to him after a moment of silence.

The officer took a closer look at the girl. She was in her corset, with her skirts muddy and stained with blood. Her hair was a tangled mess of curls, and her forehead was bleeding heavily. He could smell the alcohol of a man on her. It was obvious that she had been robbed and raped.

“This road leads to Paris, miss. Are you meaning to go to Paris?” He asked softly.

“Paris? Where is that?” Christine asked in a dazed type of voice.

She touched her head and then felt on her fingers a large amount of blood. She started to feel dizzy, and then fell down again, blacking out. After a few minutes of deciding what to do, the worried officer helped the girl up onto his horse. Paris was the only city ahead, and she needed medical assistance quickly, or she might lose too much blood and die.

He came out of the shadows, looking around his home. It was wrecked, destroyed. The only thing that had been left untouched by the mob was his organ. He sighed, going over to it and sitting down. Could he risk playing a few notes? No. It was too much trouble. Everyone thought he was dead. He couldn’t let anyone know the Phantom was still alive, down in the catacombs. Besides, he wasn’t in a mood to play songs. He didn’t think about his music anymore. Lying on top of the organ was the wedding ring he had given to Christine. Erik took it up into his strong hands and wept, kissing it. His beloved had left him. She was never going to come back.

Christine awoke and saw blurry figures hovering over her. She blinked, trying to get a better look. An older woman was putting a washcloth on her sweaty head, and a younger girl was holding Christine’s hand, crying.

“Oh, Christine!” The girl whispered, hugging her.

“She’s awake, Mama! Christine, what happened? Are you alright? If that officer hadn’t found you in time...I don’t know what would have happened!” The girl sobbed, stroking Christine’s hair.

“Where am I?” Christine asked weakly, looking around the darkened room.

“You’re home, Christine. You’re safe. That’s all that matters now.” The older woman said, stroking Christine’s face.

Christine jumped up from her bed, scared. Who were these two women? She had never met them before in her entire life! What were they talking about? Why were they calling her Christine?

“Who are you!” Christine sobbed, backing away from them.

“Christine! Please, it’s Meg! Don’t worry! Everything is going to be alright now!” The younger woman said, going towards her.

“Stay away from me!” Christine cried, backing up against the door.

Meg turned around towards her mother.

“What’s wrong with her, Mama? Why is she acting like that?”

The older woman got up, a worried look in her eyes.

“I’m Madame Giry. Do you remember me, Christine?” She asked gently.

Christine still sobbed as Madame Giry came towards her.

“Leave me alone!” Christine screamed, opening the door and rushing out.

She ran down the corridors and hallways, never looking back behind her. After awhile she came to a room with flowers painted on the door. With caution, she turned the doorknob and opened it, looking inside. It was an empty room, all but a mirror in the corner. Christine slowly went inside, shutting the door behind her. She sunk down to the floor, weeping tears of frustration, sadness, and fright. No one could find her here. This was her sanctuary.
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