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I remember you

Title: I remember you
Pairing: Erik/Christine
Rating: R
Summary: When Christine loses her memory completely, she finds her way back to Paris. Being unaware of her surroundings, will Erik be able to entrance Christine and make her fall in love again when she knows nothing about him or anyone else?

Disclaimer: I do not own anything related to this story. None of the characters are mine; I just like to write stories :)

She was riding down the road to her fiancés house. It had been weeks after the incident at the Opera Populaire. She still felt torn inside, and kept thinking something wasn’t right. Something was missing in her life. Raoul had even started to convince her to believe that there was never really an Angel or Opera Ghost. Just a lonesome soul or “monster” as Raoul liked to call him.

Christine shivered as the carriage turned the corner. “Monster” wasn’t a word for her teacher. He never seemed like a monster in Christine’s eyes. He was far from it. It hurt her inside to hear her own husband-to-be call her Angel that despicable name.

Christine looked outside the carriage into the white soft snow that was already covering the ground, even though it wasn’t quite midday yet.

“Only a few more minutes, mademoiselle.” The driver called to her from up front.

Christine sunk back into her seat, feeling restless. She loved Raoul. She really did. He was her childhood sweetheart. She had promised to share her lifetime with him. But she had also promised another man a few weeks ago to start a new life with him as well if he would free Raoul from his fatal clutches. She had promised that to her teacher, her angel, her…Erik. But as she pulled apart from his kiss and embrace that day, she saw hurt in his eyes still. He told her to flee with the Vicomte, and never to mention him to anyone. He wanted her gone.

The driver turned a corner and she saw another carriage coming up from ahead. It was going much faster than normal, almost as if it was out of control. It kept coming closer and closer to theirs, and Christine started to fear for herself and the driver.

“There’s a carriage coming our way!” Christine screamed from inside.

But it was too late. The driver didn’t hear her over the sound of the horse’s hoofs as the two carriages collided into one another. She felt a violent jerk, and before she realized what happened Christine had hit her head hard against the carriage door. Her hands shook as she got up from the floor. Christine looked up front to where the driver was, and what she saw made her heart stop. Three men were searching through the pockets of the dead driver, trying to find money. Robbers.

Christine ducked down to the floor, trying to make as little noise as possible. She couldn’t run away. She had no where to go. She was helpless, now that her driver had been killed by them. Christine closed her eyes and prayed to God that a miracle would happen. That someone would save her from dieing. For a moment her Angel came into her mind, and even though the voices of the robbers came nearer and nearer to where she was hiding, Christine remained calm, knowing that her Angel was watching over her. Her teacher.

Christine stopped praying as she heard the door to the carriage being opened. She gasped as the three men caught sight of her huddled up figure in the corner.

“Look what we have here, men.” One man said. The two others sniggered.

“Good morning, mademoiselle. Lovely day for a crime to take place, don’t you think?” He asked, coming inside the carriage.

Christine screamed as the man grabbed her wrists tightly with his large hands. He smelled strongly of rum, and his clothes reeked of smoke.

“I’ll do anything. Please, have mercy. Just don’t kill me! Please!” Christine begged, trying to get away from the man’s powerful grasp.

“Anything, you say? Well miss, I think you’ve just made my day. Got any money on you, my lady?” He asked, seeing Christine’s necklace of a cross lay lightly on her chest.

He grabbed it off, holding it up to the dim light of the carriage. The robber smiled his rotting teeth at her, and he whistled for the other two men to come inside. Christine screamed one last time until they silenced her by hitting her on the head with one of their wooden clubs.

They robbed her completely, leaving her in only her underskirts and corset. They then started to rape her, but they stopped when they feared someone would come down the road soon. With Christine still unconscious, they shut the carriage door and pushed against it. The carriage started to lean over on its side, and at last it started to fall down the hilly slope into the river. The men laughed, returning to their already stolen carriage and riding up the road again.

How Christine survived, she never knew. After many hours of being knocked out she opened her eyes and saw the sun’s rays shining down on her. She was sprawled out on the grass, her whole body aching with a pain beyond anything she had ever felt. Christine tried to get up, but she fell down on the ground again, shaking with pain. She tried to turn over, but she didn’t have the strength to. She started to breathe in fast painful breaths, trying to figure out why she was here. She didn’t remember anything. Christine didn’t remember Raoul, her name, or even Erik. Christine had lost her memory.
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